3 Exercises to do at Your Desk

3 Exercises to Do at Your Desk

Not everyone in the logistics industry works in the warehouse. Many of us aren’t constantly lifting boxes, hopping on and off forklifts, and stretching around to wrap, tie and secure product. Most logistics professionals are…

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Ocean Fuel Surcharge - Ship Leaving Port

Ocean Fuel Surcharge – Increase 3/5/2017

  The steamship lines have announced an increase to the current Ocean Fuel Surcharge.  Effective Sunday, March 5, 2017 the cost of fuel for Hawaii and Guam ocean freight shipments will increase by 2%. Location Current Price Price as of January…

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Matson Navigation has announced the following changes, effective for Hawaii sailings on or after January 8, 2016: Westbound Cargo: Will be increased by $225.00 on Ocean Charges for all container sizes; No change will be implemented for Terminal…

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